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About us

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I love talking about Fjords -- or any other kind of horse, for that matter! I will also be happy to talk about our training, breeding, lesson, or boarding services or the horses we are offering for sale.

Phone: 1-920-755-4387

Email: dwalter@tm.net

Emailing is best, I respond quickly and unless out of town, it will be same day. If you need to call, best is evening after 8 PM, Central time.

Our property

Francis Creek Fjords is located in a very natural and serene setting. Horses seem to get quieter just by living here.

We have two lovely outdoor arenas, new indoor, about 8 paddocks, and 4 pastures. We also have plenty of shelter, natural and manmade.

My husband David and I live in a remodeled 150+ yr old farm house on the property. Our barn is also old but remodeled, making it a very rustic setting. More about our facilities and property.

Our family

We have a married daughter, Tanya and husband Matt, who gave us a grandson Allan "Petey" Lenzner in July 2004. See my "Petey & Caleb Page" of family photos. Tanya had her second child, another son in Jan. 2007, his name is Caleb.

We also have a son, Patrick, who is a graduate at UW Milwaukee with a Film Major and working full time in his field in Milwaukee. Anyone needing a DVD made, I know a good film maker.

Tanya has taken over as book keeper. Matt, is our Fencer mender and maker along with my husband David. Matt also is our male model when we need a larger unexperienced rider to videos. Petey is our child actor and loves to help out as well. David also does all the maintenance on the farm. My husband does have a full time job, but helps quite a bit around the farm.

Getting started

By 1994, I had ridden and owned several breeds for over 20 years. I had also shown at pleasure shows for over 10 years. All these years of being very active with horses led me into wanting to do more with them, such as learn to drive.

I knew I wanted a very calm and quiet horse to use for driving. When I went looking, everything pointed me to Fjords. And once I got hooked on Fjords, I started FCF in 1994.

My first Fjord

Lena was my first Fjord. Soon after I bought her, I found my Fjord stallion Ole. You can't have a Lena without an Ole!

I sold Fair Acres Ole in 2007-- he is a wonderful, majestic stallion who represents the breed very well. To me, Ole's best quality is his disposition. He's a sweet, gentle stallion, with an excellent brain and a heart full of love. Ole is what people think of when they think of a Fjord horse.

My goals

Over the years, the business of Francis Creek Fjords has grown, although I intend to stay small -- I never want to have more horses on the farm then I can handle.

I train horses of all breeds, buy and sell Fjords and offer lessons. I also have prepared Fjords for official evaluations by the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry (NFHR.)

I am not buying as many young stock now as I have in the past, as I seem to get more and more Fjords to sell on consignment. I try to limit the number of consignment horses, although I never quite know how many horses will be on the farm, as they come and go a lot. We have been selling on an average 25 Fjords a year.

I was involved with 4H as a youth, got very active in 4H as an adult. In 2004, I served as a chairperson for the horse committee. Now, I'm getting into helping with the local pony club in the area.

I also take a few lessons myself each year to improve my skills and learn new ones. I continue to show in open shows, breed shows, jumping/hunter shows, and dressage shows.

2007 was a first, as I went on a Fox Hunt with Tomas, a 7 yr old Fjord. That was a BLAST! Fjords actually are wonderful for Fox Hunting. They are surefooted, FAST and not spooky. Lots of stuff happening while Fox Hunting, and typically Fjords take it all in stride.

Me and Tomas. October 2007, Mill Creek Hunt Club, IL. Tomas is now in Canada enjoying riding in the mountains.

We continue to take in shows when I can, clinics and lessons. Never too old or know too much to not enjoy lessons/clinics. FCF will be at our Fjord Breed show in Cedar Rapids IA July 16-18 this much I know for sure.

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