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A message from Patti Jo:

I have sold over 150 Fjords going to the states of: WI, IL, WA, OR, CA, KY, MN, TX, NJ, MA, MI, IA, NY, NH, CO, WA, WV, UT, NC, GA, AZ, ME, MO, and Canada. I work on matching the right horse to the right owner.

Having a very good track record of great matches, I take very little of the credit and give it all or most of it to the breed. Knowing what a person wants to do with their Fjord helps. As with all horses, some make better riding horses, some better driving and some just do it all.

Many of my clients come back for another Fjord and I'm extremely proud to say they all refer others to me when someone is searching for a Fjord. I've sold or found Fjords for people who are looking for: Trail horse, Family horse, Dressage horse, Fox Hunting horse, Vaulting, Therapy horse, horse that could do Open Shows, Driving horse for farm, pleasure or serious competition, I think just about any and all disciplines.

I was also commissioned by the Ringling Brother Circus to find them 4 Fjord Stallions which I did and which are now performing in the circus with Elephants, Zebras and other horses! ( train accident with the circus killed two of the stallions, but the other two are still performing). They bought an addition Fjord gelding in '10 from FCF. (they have gelded the rest of the stallions)

If you are looking for that Perfect Fjord for YOUR family, contact me and I'd be more than happy to help you find and fulfill your dream.

-Patti Jo


Letters from happy customers:

When Patti Jo announced that she was selling her stallion, Fair Acres Ole, even though I hadn’t been into Fjords long I knew he was THE one for us! Patti Jo made me feel very comfortable buying a horse sight unseen half way across the country. She asked many questions us about us – what were we looking for, what did we want to do with him, what our farm was like, etc. She was also very quick to tell me his strengths and weaknesses – no surprises.

The first few months with Ole were like a dream come true … he was EVERYTHING Patti Je said he was and so much more! To date, there is still not a day that goes by that I don’t marvel at Ole and everything about him.

My non horse husband adores him as well and was so glad that Patti Jo turned out to be everything we had heard as well. I’ve heard others stories about buying from Patti Jo as well, and I truly believe that her top priority is to place the right horse with the right family – it’s not about making a quick sale, but with her reputation, she seems to move quite a few horses too.

I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Patti Jo – the sale will not be the end to your relationship with her. She cares about you and your new horse and any questions or concerns that arise; she is quick to help you out. Truly, Patti Jo Walter is an asset to the Norwegian Fjord community!

Corinne Logan, Willows Edge Farm, Bothell, WA


I had been looking into different breeds of horses to what would be BEST suited as an all around family horse... There could not possibly be one that could do beginning pony club for my 9 year old son, dressage clinics for myself, western for my green husband and trail rides for the entire family could there???

I began researching the Fjord out of pure curiosity because of their unique look... The more educated I became, the more excited I felt. Fjords seemed to be EXACTLY what I had been searching for.

I began to e-mail a bunch of breeders and all were so convinced that this was truly the best breed out there. They referred me to Patti Jo Walter at Francis Creek Farm to FIND me a match. After several months of waiting (not so patiently), she e-mailed and said I found the perfect horse for you!

Our wonderful mare is such a love... Although she is only 5 years old, and has only been driven/trail ridden, my son was able to walk her around by himself and she had her ears perked back waiting for him to "ask" anything. She did not even try to reach down and eat grass (I do not think she knew that she could!)

My husband walks her around in the field and practices turning and transitions. Her whinny EVERY TIME we walk out the door to greet us is so amazing. My 9 year old son has all of his friends in the paddock to feel her mane and is also able to feed her without ANY problems.

I love her forward movement and willing, intelligence to WANT to please you. Her playful nature when I am picking the paddock is hilarious, she is like a big dog, following me to each and every pile of manure to monkey around. I am so impressed with her laid back, sweet personality. Praline is the ONE horse that can be everything to the whole family!

NOW I know why they are coined True Blue Fjords!!! Our family is completely hooked!!! Thank you Patti for finding us our lovely Fjord mare... We are truly blessed!!!

Jill, Joe and Gabriel Butterfield , Richland WI


Oh Patti, you're probably sick of me popping up in your INbox, but I just have to tell you how much I LOVE this horse!! 

I have been driving her ALL OVER THE PLACE and having a blast!  She is so good and steady, and even if she jumps at something it's just for a second.  She doesn't even blink at the tractor trailers or the flapping flags or the kids that run out to the road to watch. 

Today we drove through the fields to my house, then picked up my 9-yr old and drove back, via the roads.  She was PERFECT!!   I just want to thank you again for hooking me up with this horse--she's the best horse ever!!   Thanks again and happy trails!

Mary -NY


I highly recommend FCF; I had wanted a Fjord for many years and knew if my dream were to come true, the transaction would entail an out of state purchase.

From the initial contact with FCF (nearly a year before my purchase) I felt a humble connection to Patti Jo. Her sincere love for and in-depth knowledge of the breed was expressed in countless ways, not to mention her honest delivery and assessment of the Fjords available for sale.

During the selection of my Fjord (Rue), throughout his training, and the week (!) it took for Rue to arrive, Patti Jo was responsive and thoughtful to ANY question or concern that arose. In working with FCF, I felt very much a part of the Farm despite the geographic distance. The consistent updates and photographs were exceptional.

I am extremely thankful for the professional services offered by FCF - - I have a wonderful Fjord, I am educated about the breed, and the relationship with FCF is continuous! When the time comes that I am able to buy a 2nd Fjord, I know the BEST farm to find one! Thank you Patti Jo & Staff!

-Tammy (NH)


I myself was a little nervous buying my first horse but you were very honest by telling me exactly what Odin was like and how much he needed training-wise.  You sold me a horse that fits my personality very well and I could tell you wanted to make sure I had a horse that would work for me. 

I’m not sure what else I can say, I’ve always been grateful that you honestly depicted Odin; it was nice to know exactly what I was getting. 

You seem to show the horses you sell honestly and want the best for the buyer and the horse which is very valuable in the horse selling business. 

Elena Miskowiec, WI


I met Patti Jo at Midwest Horse Fair and she guided me through our year long Fjord buying process.  

Patti knew right away Fair Acres Tea was the horse for me. Five years later we have a Wisconsin Hunter Jumper Association Champion, shown at Midwest Horse Fair and The Kentucky Horse Park.  Tea is the "go to" horse in the barn! 

Most of my correspondence with Patti is via email. The trip to her beautiful farm in Two Rivers is an enjoyable drive.  Then again, I just flew to New York to get my Jack Russell puppy. If you are looking for a Fjord trust her honesty and experience. 

Mrs. Carlene Schwartz, Okauchee Lake, Wisconsin 


I am a foxhunter and grandparent and wanted  a horse that could do it all--hunt in the field (which involves ditches, water, traffic, hounds darting in and out, small jumps and being social), but a horse that I could feel comfortable having grandchildren around.

I came to know my Fjord through Patti's emaililng as a gelding she got in the spring, trained, showed, and I purchased in August. He is just as represented, and she trained him wonderfully in that short time.

Every time I have a question about him/Fjord issue, I receive a helpful, prompt response. He is sound, healthy, and my vet loves him!

Patti's farm is clean, efficient, and she is a wonderful horsewoman. She knows her breed and really enjoys matching the personality of the horse with the rider's needs.

I recently learned that she placed a Fjord with a rescue program in our area, and they are thrilled. When I need another horse, I'm just contacting Patti.    

Sharon Larson, IL


When I met Patti, I was a very naive first time horse buyer, with very limited horse experience, and with NO formal riding training. But I did have a dream - I had wanted a horse of my own since I was 5. It took me almost 40 years to achieve that dream.

Owning Britta has truly been as wonderful as I hoped, and in a large part, that is thanks to Patti. Buying Britta was less like a business transaction, and more like finding a new friend. Patti spent a great deal of time with me, and basically gave me both my first riding and driving lessons as I met Britta and took her for a "test ride/drive."

Patti was patient, kind, and VERY honest regarding Britta, and her "faults". Of course, since Patti had trained Britta as a youngster, the only "faults" were very minor conformation ones - the kind that I think most sellers would not have felt necessary to mention at all.

Owning her has been a truly wonderful experience because she is the perfect horse for a "greenie" without a clue. My trainer has been absolutely delighted with Britta since our first lesson. She has told me many times how lucky I was to find the perfect, patient horse to learn on - especially during that rather painful first year.

I am NOT a co-ordinated person! A less patient, less perfectly trained horse probably would have dumped me and then stomped on me in sheer annoyance.

Of course I have told my trainer that it was not "luck" that I found Britta - it was PATTI!!!!

Julie Snape , WI  


I had never seen a Fjord until I went to Patti Jo’s farm for riding lessons. When Davin arrived at her farm and she introduced us, it was love at first sight! Davin is my first horse in over 35 years and I’m so grateful for Patti Jo’s commitment of putting together the right horse with the right owner.

She is an awesome trainer for horse and rider and very patiently held my hand through getting to know Davin and learning to ride again. When we moved to Virginia, she provided Davin with excellent care and facilitated his move, up to personally walking him on the trailer for his journey to Virginia.

Sandie Meyers, WV


I met Patti Jo through my best friend Sandie Meyers, and was impressed at Patti’s ability to network and match the perfect Fjord with the perfect Owner. Patti assisted me when I bought my Fjord, Aron. I have never been happier with a horse than with Aron. He was very green when we started, but has shown a quick and  amazing ability to learn and adapt.

We went to our first USDF recognized show May 2008 at Silverwood (Paddock Lake, WI). He was a complete gentleman the entire show and  a wonderful representative of the breed. Of course, we got the usual (but much appreciated) “he’s so cute!” comments, but also a fair amount of amazement and compliments about his adaptability and complete calm at the show.

Most importantly, our judges’ remarks were very positive and encouraging… not to mention the wonderful scores! Not to be taken lightly in the Warmblood-dominated dressage world!

Just wanted to add my thanks to Patti Jo for yet another perfect match!

Sincerely, Diane Wattson, WI


We live in Texas and have bought Fjords long distance from Patti.  Patti is such a great person to deal with as she is very helpful, cooperative, honest, and friendly to those of us shopping/buying and works closely with our shippers.  Patti is really good at providing information, sending photos or videos, training, and working not only as an advocate for the Fjords she is selling but trying to make a great appropriate match for the buyer.  We always felt her to be honest and forthright to deal with.

Patti made it easy for us to get our Fjords.  We would highly recommend and definitely use Patti again to buy or sell a Fjord.  We just wish she was closer or would winter in Texas and work on training all the Fjords she has sold to the folks down here. 

Milli Ann, Martin & Erin Denmark, Magnolia TX



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