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Left: Clay Ridge Dawn. Big girl with Outstanding movement. An OLE baby! Rides/drives went down to TX. Right: F.C. Delino. Sold as a Fox hunting horse and LOVES it! Solid minded, cute jumper, very willing and brave.

Left: Raspotnik's Ella. CUTE filly. GREAT trail horse. GREAT movement. Total doll of a horse. Right: Aron. Sold as a Dressage horse, Diane and Aron will be going for qualifying points in '09

Left: Klare aka "Jolly Rogers". Total family horse, who also jumps, does huntseat and totally enjoys all the kids' attention. Right: Heather. Wonderful mover, great driving and riding horse.

Left: F.A. Tea. Columbus Carriage Classic, ADS Show, Open shows, western/hunt. Beautiful mare! Sweet sweet sweet. Right: Half Diamond Harald and Half Diamond Stahest. Well matched team of geldings I found for this client. Lyall says: Every Farm needs a team!

Left: Regn. Working girl, pulls all types of equipment, parades and even has pulled casket at a funeral. Middle: Bogie, the horse on the left -- nice riding and driving horse! Used in therapy for years. Right: O.H. Tor. Pleasure mount, occasionally showing in open shows, rides and drives. Always giving lots of love.

Left: Uta. Open showing, she does: western, hunt, driving, halter, showmanship, very versatile Fjord! Great mom too. Right: Arianna. Manitowoc County 4H RAFFLE HORSE Crew taught her to bow, pic shows her coming up. We raised $23,000 with this filly! Kids taught her everything

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