I specialize in making quiet, well mannered pleasure horses for trail or the show ring. Trail horses will be exposed to water, traffic, woods, fields. They will be ridden alone and with other horses.

All my horses are started out slow and easy. I want to put a great foundation on them and expose them to many things so their minds stay fresh and they enjoy what they are learning.

I believe in a mixture of trail riding and schooling (ring work) for training. I like to keep a young horse's mind fresh and to teach the horse to be supple and giving.

I will do my very best to train your horse to be confident, obedient, willing and versatile. I work with the owner to train the horse in a way that will suit you. Very much tailored to your needs.

Even though Fjords are my favorite, I will train all breeds of horses.


I accept only a limited number of horses for training each month, so please book early. To book your horse for training, please contact me. References are also available.

Sample training contract. Please note: This sample contract is not a binding document.

2017 Fees

Fees listed below include training and board. All veterinarian and farrier charges are in addition to the basic training and boarding fees.

Rough boarding:   $1025 per month(this is training and board)
/Training   Horse will be pastured with other horses that get along with each other.
Separate boarding:  

$1225per month(this is training and board)



Horse will be stalled and/or kept in a separate paddock, as the owner wishes

Left: Leo riding Gyda up the steps in St. Croix State Forest, Minnesota. Gyda's foal Gizmo is bringing up the rear. Leo writes, "Patti Walter trained Gyda for us. I am NOT a horse person, but I did marry one. Gyda is the first horse I actually feel comfortable around."

Right: FC Delino aka Anton, an excellent Fox Hunter.

Tomas (L) and Bendik (R)

Berit (L) and Seirrick (R)

Ceili (L) and Julia (R)


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